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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Crawling In Sight...

Posted by Unknown at 11:16 PM
At almost 7.5 months my little monster still isn't crawling. In fact she isn't scooting, sliding or anything else that I hear my friends gloating about when it comes to their 7 month olds. Baby Z seems to think she is a fish out of water. Once she rolls onto her stomach she sort of just kicks her feet about in the air and waves her chubby arms around. She hasn't a care in the world to move anywhere. It makes me wonder if I didn't do enough tummy time with her when she was little. Maybe she is held too much. Maybe she is just plain lazy. Or maybe I need to take my own advice and realize that all little ones seem to have their own time table.
I know that in due time she will be everywhere and in everything and then I will reminisce about days like these where I can just plop her on the floor without a care in the world. Perhaps I should enjoy her movement-less moments while I can before my days are spent chasing, searching and averting dangers.

When did your little one crawl?


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