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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Stains...

Posted by Unknown at 4:12 PM
I just love dressing up Baby Z in all her cute little outfits. Im actually a little bit addicted to baby clothing. So its a little depressing that some of her cute clothing items are getting stained sometimes after just one use. I plan on saving everything that she has in case we ever have a little girl again. I am big on reusing baby clothing and items but I would not want to save stained outfits. This staining problem has only been as of recent since she has started eating more and more solid foods. I discoverd that Dreft, which is the baby deteregent brand that I have been using does not work on stains of any sort. I recently picked up a Dreft baby stain prevention pen. Its like a Tide stain removing pen but for babies. It has not made any noticiable difference with removing/preventing stains. So in the quest for stain removal I picked up All Free Clear which is supposed to be safe on baby skin and stronger than Dreft. Nope, not really any luck their either. Am I just doomed to loose half her wardrobe to stains? I do utilize bibs but she still swipes her arms over her mouth quicker than I can clean her mouth off.
So, do I switch over to regular strength detergents or would those even work? Do I just suck it up and realize I wont be able to save everything she wears? Or I have to do laundry more often than my once a week to prevent stains from "soaking" in? Do you have a baby laundry detergent that works wonders for you? What is your baby laundry routine? Please share as I would love to know!


Ssavel315 said...

Babies r us has OxyClean Baby. So far it has worked on numerous blowouts and various colored spit ups. Just make sure to not use it until you are ready to wash the clothes. If left on to long it will fade the clothes.

Mrsmommytalk said...

Ssavel315 thanks for the tip! I will definitly check this product out!

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