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Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Snowman Cookies...

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Thanks to a certain...ahem...Disney Flick, snowmen are all the rage at all times now. This holiday I think it would be super fun to hone in on some snowman themed cookies/candies/desserts since it will definitely peak the interest of the littles and because they are just so darn cute. This Melting Snowman Oreo Cookie ball from Cookies & Cups looks amazing and would be a good holiday themed project to do with the little ones.

These uber adorable melting snowman cookies are easy to whip up in a pinch and let the littles decorate to their Olafs content..errr... I mean hearts content. I found these cute guys over at Swanky Recipes.

Last but not least I love this unique twist on a holiday snowman cookie. Its a snowflake with an adorable snowman face. Kids and adults alike will love this and all you need is a snowflake cookie cutter and some polka dot making skills.  You can read about these guys over at Redbook.

Here is to yummy, scrumptious, kid pleasing snowman cookies! XoXo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Itty Bitty Baker: Rainbow Chip Cake

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Lets face it we dont always have time to bake from scratch even though its much better for you, tastes better and is way more trendy. Today the Little insisted on baking but momma just wasn't having it. Compromise? Box mix rainbow chip cake. 

Baking with the itty bitties in your life is such a cool way to bond whether it be over separate bowls of flour, sugar and salt or just a good old box of preservative filled cake mix. My little loves getting to bake and cook with me and its something I want to incorporate more into our life.

I have to say she really does have cracking eggs down pat at the age of 3! 

I am going to start a once a week series featuring the goodies we bake together to not only be able to look back upon one day but to hopefully inspire you and your littles to get in the kitchen and get messy!

I have to admit this cake came out pretty darn good. Moist, puffy and full of flavor. I justified this box mix cake with the fact that she only had 1 slice of it. Everything in moderation right?

See you next week with another Itty Bitty Baker post. XoXo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Holiday Pajama Picks

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Baby Gap Classic Pjs.
Holiday pjs are one of those unnecessary yet so necessary clothing items! Who can resist the warm, fuzzy, cozy and festive prints of holiday pajamas? I know I can't! My go to for these festive fancies are most always Baby Gap and if you want to go all out...Crewcuts by Jcrew.

I am a big fan of these North Pole pjs by Baby Gap since they can definitely be unisex meaning you can buy for brother and sister so they can be matching.

These balsam green footed pjs by Baby Gap are another one that I personally think would be so cute as a unisex pajama outfit that would be so fun to have all children wearing on Christmas morning or all December long.

Okay these Crewcuts Christmas Lights pajamas are truly the mother of all festive holiday pjs! They actually glow in the dark giving the effect of the lights actually lighting up. You will pay a pretty penny for these but they look so worth it! They are currently 30% off here.

Last but not least are another festive favorite from none other than Baby Gap again. I like the simplicity of these and I am a sucker for anything 'snow themed' seeing as I am in a part of Northern Cali that never gets snow! 

This post is inspired and brought to you by Trendy Tot Tuesday which is a super fun link up blog that you can find more information about from Table For Three.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Whites...

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 Winter whites look so good against the traditional colors of this time of year. Cranberry reds and forest greens look even more festive when accented by wintery whites.

 You can either accent your attire with these festive colors or find  a nice backdrop! Either way who says us mommas and our littles can't wear white after Labor Day? Because we sure do!
Dress is by Old Navy.
Tights are by Next.
Gold Glitter Sandals are by Zara.

Holiday Gift Idea : Wooden Toy Rainbow

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Seriously how cool is this wooden toy rainbow? I love the concept of using it to not only just for play but to teach colors and arranging/sorting sizes.
I also love the idea of supporting a small business during the holidays by purchasing such unique gifts. This piece is so pretty I think I would be tempted to place it on a shelf as a decor piece! 
I found this wooden toy from ImaginationKids on Etsy. They make a ton of other amazing quality and super adorable wooden toys as well. Definitely worth checking out for your holiday shopping.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Snazzies...

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The little likes to get all snazzy every day of the week and thats A-ok with me. This Saturdays Snazz is brought to you by Zara Kids. Her dress, tights and shoes are all from there and I utterly love every piece this company makes!
Hope you all had a enjoyable and snazzy Saturday as well! XoXo.

P.S. Heres a small tip for ya. If you want to shop Zara but don't want to pay the full prices (which can be a bit exorbitant for such tiny pieces) wait until their sales. They usually have to annual sales a year and you can always catch things at a steal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Google 'Zara Sales' and you'll be able to find out about any upcoming sales.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What to Pick from Freshly Picked...

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House That Lars Built
Seriously what could be cuter than little chubby baby feet...little chubby baby feet in moccasins! I personally love the ones made by Freshly Picked and literally drool as I scroll down the page of options.
Prince George
Before I discovered baby moccs I never had encountered a baby shoe that actually stayed on those darn little cute feet. They either slipped off or had to be shoved on. I don't know about you but falling baby shoes or curling toes while you try to shove a shoe on is not all.

Stay Golden Suede
These literally never fall off, slip on like Cinderella's magic slipper and look so amazingly cute! They are my definite go to baby shoe and even toddler shoe. Yes they do get some worn looking spots here and there and the sole isn't the hardest sole in the world but they are durable, comfortable, practical and stylish. What more could you ask for!
Here is my little guy sporting the Prince George ones at the park. They haven't failed us yet! The only thing I am left wondering if which ones to pick next.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zara Summer Sandal Picks...

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These beauties need to be blogged. Zara has always been a go to for our little shoe collection. Not necessarily due to quality but due to pure materialistic beauty of their design. I mean look at these...these are for toddlers....I die.
These are aptly named 'Metallic Sandal' and retail for just under $30. They do run small so be sure to size up! Zaras sizing is really wacky but we go back for more and more due to once again that amazing design aspect. 
I have been drooling over these lemon and creme (as I like to call them) sandals since they released a while ago. I finally took the plunge and purchased them. They do not run as small as the metallic ones above. They also retail for just under $30 and are called Two Tone Sandal. These ones seem very comfortable and well made. Summer will tell.

You can find these and other beauties that may or may not find their way into our summer shoe collection this year here.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Simplicity...

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Quick, simple and spring ready...this look was a winner for Little Z but not so much potty training mommy. Rompers are too dang adorable but too dang hard at this stage.
Romper by H&M
Floral Headpiece by H&M
Gold Sparkle Jelly Flats by Old Navy.

Simple, affordable and perfect for spring.

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