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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: T-Shirts and Maxi-Skirts!

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Its Trendy Tot Tuesday over here again! Be sure to check out Table For Three to check out all the styling little cuties and to participate as well if you like!

Sometimes in a pinch we just throw random pieces together and they come out kind of cute!

Baby Z was enjoying her late afternoon stroll in a Zara t-shirt and flowy maxi skirt! The shoes are from Target.
Yes that is my shadow trying to capture moments!

One of the best things about having little ones is the constant reminder to stop and appreciate the little things in life...the unexpected beauty. Baby Z always stops to admire the little things.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Show Us Your Life SUYL Link Up - Vacation Spots

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Every Friday Kellys Korner has super fun link ups that everyone gets to join in on. Today's is your favorite vacation spots. Here are a few of the favorite places my family has enjoyed over the past year and a half. Fortunately, Baby Z is a super good traveler...not that she had a choice! Baby Z started her travels at the young age of 2 months when we made her tag along to the beaches of Florida...

 Yep, thats Baby Z having her first layout on a sunny beach.

And this is Baby Z at Epcott Center after spending a few days lounging seaside. Even though the weather was extremely hot and humid I still consider it one of my favorite vacation spots thus far.

My all time favorite family vacation spot thus far has been....wait for it....
P A R I S...

Yes, believe it or not...the city of romance has a lot to offer no matter if you travel their alone, with your honey or with all your little honey's too. With the right expectations and attitude this city can be a wonderland for everyone. Their is so much to discover and explore. Even my 8 month old little one had a blast!

 She owned that Palace of Versailles... =)
And lets face it...who doesn't love to sink into a comfy hotel bed at the end of a long day.
Dont be afraid to venture out with the little ones...whether it be to a local park or across the world. Traveling provides some of the greatest learning experiences for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope to see you here again real soon.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Irish Baby Girl Names...

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Last week I posted some unique Irish baby boy names and now its time for the girl ones! Lets get right to it!!

1. Ailish pronounced ay+lish. It is basically the Irish version of  Alice.

2. Ealga pronounced ale+ga. Meaning is noble or brave.

3. Maebh pronounced as may+v. Stemming from an old Irish name (madb)that means cause of   great   joy.

4. Orlagh pronounced or+la. Meaning is golden princess.

5. Teagan and actually is the Irish version of the Welsh word Tegwin which means beautiful.

Those are the 5 that I found to be so unique and pretty. You have any favorites?

~Saint Patricks Day 2013 Posts~


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Items Added to Consignment: Janie & Jack, Baby Gap + More!

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Finally added more items to my baby consignment sale on Facebook. You can access it BY CLICKING THIS LINK! Im gearing up to add a bunch more throughout the next couple of days. So sad parting with beloved baby items but really would rather them go to others than just sit in my bins *in case* we ever have another girl. Plus who am I kidding? Im a shopaholic...if we ever did have another girl I would not be able to resist buying more stuff!

Added Janie & Jack, Baby Gap, Gymboree and other items today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Pinafores, Patents & Polka Dots!

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Baby Z never tires of "her" park! And mommy never tires of over dressing her but why not....its fun and this age only lasts so long. I mean how much longer will she allow me to put her in dresses and tights almost daily??

Red Pinafore Dress is from Janie & Jack. Unfortunately it is no longer being sold! Similar style here.

White collared onsie is also Janie & Jack. Similar style here.

Polka Dotted tights and patent bow shows are ...oh goodness...Janie & Jack. Similar style here.

I hope you are all having an amazing day! If you are not already participating in Trendy Tot Tuesday then visit HERE to do so. =)

Check out more looks from Baby Z's closet:

Shop Baby Z's Closet:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Cupcake Carousel...

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Last week in Joanns Fabrics I spotted this adorable Egg Carousel in the Easter section. It is of course meant to hold eggs however I thought it would be a super cute way to hold mini cupcakes! Thus I purchased it at its 40% discount price (still going on, on all their holiday themed items) and happily brought it home. I think it looks super adorable with the cupcakes in it and probably looks equally adorable with colored eggs in it for Easter as well. I used it for my Welcome Little Sweetie party.
I am LOVING Joanns holiday themed items. They are super precious and pretty much never full priced.

You can check out the banner I made for my Welcome Little Sweetie Party.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Baby Name Banner...

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I recently made a sort of rambly video on my DIY Budget friendly name banner I did for a Welcome Baby party I was hosting. It was super easy to create, super fun to create and easy on the wallet.
You can see here I used it behind my sweets table as a main focal point. I will be posting a more detailed blog of the party with pictures sometime this week. Instead of doing a baby shower since it was her second baby, we decided to throw a party after the baby was born as a way for friends to come and meet the new little one. I decided on the theme of  "Welcome the New Little Sweetie", thus the prolific sweets table.

More to follow.

Cupcake Carousel Display


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Z's Style: Ready For Rain...

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 The forecast is calling for some pre-spring showers in our neck of the woods. No better time than this to pull out the new wellies in a super fun springy color. Baby Z loves her Hunter wellies but sure doesn't love looking at the camera anymore. If I am lucky enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of her face their will surely be no smile in sight. We will just call it photography art. Hair in face, hand by ear, wandering gaze "photography art". =)

White Knit Military Jacket is from Pumpkin Patch last year.
Nautical striped T-Shirt is from H&M;currently in stores.
Red Leggings are from Childrens Place.
I purchased Baby Z's Hunter boots directly from Hunter so I could choose from a more wide selection of colors.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Irish Baby Boy Names...

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Photo from  here.

In honor of Saint Patricks day being right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do some Irish themed posts over the next week. Lets kick it off with some Irish baby boy names! I picked my top 5 irish baby boy names. What are yours?

1. Ardan 
   Pronounced as are+dawn. Comes from the word ardenach meaning high aspiration.

2. Lorcan
  Means silent or fierce.

3. Niall
  Prounounced as nye+al. Thought to mean passionate or vehement.

4. Quinlan
   A surname that is now used as a first name and means athletic or gentle shaped.

5. Ronan
   I couldn't find an exact meaning on this name but did learn it comes from an old legend about a seal.

Hope you all are having a lovely day! Girls names to come tomorrow. XoXo

~Saint Patricks Day 2013 Posts!~

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Park Time!

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I can't believe its already Tuesday again! The good thing is that means its time for Trendy Tot Tuesday again though! Im having a lot of fun seeing everyones blogs and am so glad I found out about this via Table For Three.
This past week the sun started bringing some warmth with it and it was amazing! We didn't have to bundle up too much for our daily park visits. I know anyone who is reading this and lives in a truly cold area is probably laughing at me since where I live in California it doesn't really get too cold. 

Baby Z's top and knickers are from Janie & Jack. They were purchased on sale as with EVERYTHING I purchase from Janie & Jack. Never pay full price as all their items go on sale. 

Ribbed knit tights are from Baby Gap. I love the color of them. I am always on the lookout for unique colored baby tights that are under $20!

Nude flats are from Baby Gap and I am adoring them! They are a fairly recent purchase and so worth it as I have a hard time finding simple shoes that are easy to pair with any outfit. These answer that problem! They are easily the best pair of shoes I have purchased for her.

Another blue sky, sunny day with Baby Z "guarding" her playground.
Top and pants are from H&M.
Shoes are from Baby Gap. These shoes will be making many appearances on this blog!

Hope you are all having a lovely day no matter where you are!
XoXo, Lily & Baby Z

Monday, March 4, 2013

Janie & Jack Kids Fashion Haul

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I just posted a haul video of some Janie & Jack goodies! As usual I hit up their sales which are always happening. You really dont ever need to purchase anything at full price at Janie & Jack as it will always go on sale within a few weeks. =)

Mommy Monday: J.Crew T-Shirts

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Every Mommy Monday I want to start off with a quote I have enjoyed during the previous week!

First off...Happy March! Time just slips away from me and before I know little blog has been gravely abandoned! Secondly...yay for the return of Mommy Mondays where I can talk with no abandon about anything that I love or want to love, have or want to have as a mommy!!! As a mommy blogger I usually talk about my daughter, my daughter and my daughter ( and I only have 1 daughter..1 child). You see, us mommies tend to neglect ourselves sometimes which is not good because as we have all heard before, a happy momma means a happy family. So lets jump right into this Mommy Monday post which is going to basically be me showing you some J. Crew T's I am currently craving. With the birth of Baby Z my fashion took a huge plummet. I happily overlooked dresses, purses, skirts and even t-shirts for pint sized ruffles, headbands and tights with cute teddy faces on the bum. My daughter dressed and dresses better than me. Mommy dresses we see a problem here? Mommy needs a comeback and mommy is currently working on one. Now enough rambling and on to the J.Crew T's!
Pop Art Dot Tee

Double Square Tee

Collared Eyelet Tee

Tweed Front Tee
You can find all these T's HERE!


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