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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Happy Valentines Day from Baby Z and me! We put together little gift bags to give out to her aunties. Xoxo.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Review: Earths Best Organic Baby Food

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Baby Z's first solid baby foods were by the brand Earths Best. I knew that I wanted to use organic baby food whenever I was not able to give her home made baby food. Lets face it, I had vision upon vision of whipping up and storing ALL of Baby Z's baby food but alas that has not happened . I came across Earths Best organic baby food in little glass jars and have loved them ever since.

They have multiple size jars, multiple flavors and a good variety of mixed fruits and veggies to help those little ones get those greens down. But of course for me, my favorite part is that the fruits and veggies used to make the product have no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. No genetically modified foods were used in the making of their baby foods. They also use whole grains in any baby food item containing oatmeal. Their are no added starches, sugars, salts or colors. Basically their are no additives which is what I was looking for in a baby food product.

So far Baby Z has loved all her Earths Best foods and so has her mommy (don't deny it, you know you occasionally swipe a bite of your littles ones baby food).

What is your favorite baby food brand?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Play Date For Two...

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Being a working mom in a city full of daytime only playdates leads to lots of park time play dates for two. Baby Z and me are finally getting a chance to enjoy the lingering sunlight after I get off work in the form of walking to the park for some one on one playtime. I cannot wait until the sun decides to visit us a little longer. I currently get home from work and literally whip out the stroller faster than you can say stroller. I dont even change out of my work clothes, I just grab up Baby Z and away we go for our play date for two.

Racing over to the park!

Swing time!

Heading home watching the sunset.

As a full time working mom I miss out on pretty much all organized play dates and little gyms. I wish I had the time to organize a weekend play date in my area. I will try to get on this! But in the mean time I try to provide Baby Z with as much park time, play time and family time as I can. Here is to fast stroller walks, setting suns and the love we all feel for our little ones.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Color Therapy: Light Pink

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 Colors. They can be so inspiring, calming, relaxing and exciting. They can spark creativity and imagination. Sometimes they can soothe sore nerves or bring a sparkle to someones eye. I appreciate the color in our world. Without color life would be so bleak. I want to honor a different color every week with images that have brought that sparkle to my eye, that smile to my lip and sparked my imagination. What better way to kick off this weekly post than with light pink. Such a soft, dreamy color that reminds me of ruffles, sugar and sweetness.

Light pink flowers in a simple mason vase. I imagine these to be on someones desk that sits in front of a window that looks out to sea.

Light pink ruffles on a bed make it the epitome of soft feminine style.

Light pink reminds me of an airy chiffon fabric that billows easily in the wind. Imagine wrapping yourself up in a light pink dreamy chiffon gown encrusted with crystals.

I imagine this drink to be frozen lemonade topped with little sweet raspberries. I would drink this pink drink on a warm summer afternoon.

Light pink is perfect for that "Secret Garden" effect especially when it is peeking about near a window seat.

Light pink flowers again. Flowers can never be a fail. Paired with light pink champagne scented candles on a front porch while you read in a porch swing. Bliss?

Classic light pink in a classic classy brand.

Light pink decadent walls. I imagine this to be the inside of someones dressing room/closet. What better way to try on your shoes that in a cotton candy hued room holding all of your treasured wardrobe.

Light pink to me is a representation of understated decadence. It soothes my soul and inspires me to put a little light pink in my life. Whether it be on my nails or in a vase near my night stand. What does light pink make you think of?

Inspirational l Sources!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Day Breakfast Goodies...

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Whip up some festive heart shaped breakfast items this Valentines. Whip them up for the kiddos, for your significant other or heck even just for yourself. I am not sure why but when you take a round pancake and turn it into a heart it just tastes that much sweeter. Drizzling some that are still piping hot from the stove with a berry flavored syrup and a cinnamon butter sounds delectable! The yummy photo from above can be found here.

Would you look at that adorable piece of toast with a heart fried egg center! So simple, all you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter, place bread in hot pan and crack egg into opening. Super duper edible cuteness! I found this photo here.

Heart shaped french toast? Yes please, i'll take all three. You can serve this with mixed berries and sparkling cider for the kiddos.

My perfect idea of a Valentines Day breakfast? Red Velvet Pancakes and iced coffee. Amazing.

Third photo from here!
Last photo from here!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos...

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I wasn't able to blog this past weekend but captured a few snapshots of how we spent our Saturday and Sunday. Since weekends are currently the only 2 full days I have with Baby Z I like getting out of the house with her to get some fresh air together. On Saturday her Uncle brought her the above Mickey and Minnie dolls from a local Disney store. She squealed and reached our her hands when she saw them.

We visited a local farmers market to check out the produce and because it was such a lovely sunny day. Farmers markets are great ways to get your little ones outdoors when you live in more urban areas and get some healthy grocery shopping done at the same time.

Excuse the quality of this picture (blurry hand) but Baby Z was grabbing quickly at items on the shelves when we made a pit stop at Buy Buy Baby after the Farmers Market. Here she was reaching for the sippy cups. I went to purchase some Evenflo size 3 bottle nipples and a Tommy Tippy sippy cup but sadly they didn't carry either item. We did end up with organic baby food though.

Reading books is a priority for our bedtime routine. Now that she is older (we have been doing this since she was practically a newborn) its fun to watch her take more and more interest in the books. She really is starting to pay attention when we read to her and interact with some of the pictures.

Even though its already almost the weekend again, I hope you had a good 'last' weekend. I'm off to bed now. Up bright and early tomorrow for the final work day of the week. Yay!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February 1st!!

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The first month of 2012 has already come and gone. I hope it brought you smiles and joy. Here is to February. May you all have a lovely month with laughter, love and joy. Don't have a conventional valentine this year? No worries, pick a special friend, beloved pet or even your favorite movie; snuggle up and enjoy life because we only get one.


Photo via here!

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