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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite YouTube Mommies...

Posted by Lily Kay at 10:51 PM
Over the past 3 years watching YouTube videos has become like watching my favorite reality TV programs. Actually, they are reality at their finest. And actually they have replaced my urge to watch sappy fake reality TV programs. I naturally gravitated towards beauty videos and videos made by mothers or those wanting to be mothers. I confess I am a loyal subscriber. If I have subscribed, I will be watching and "thumbs upping" every video that comes into my video feed. I love some of the people I have found on YouTube. They provide real life stories that are helpful, entertaining, insightful and sometimes just plain fun. Here are a list of my top favorites.

  • kyleandcourt ( Mommy of 2 cuties who does awesome Day In the Life Videos).
  • thebubblelush ( Mommy of 1 adorable little girl whose video range is vast & entertaining).
  • Jpsuess ( Super mom of 4 boys & 1 on the way. Cloth diapers & weekly pregnancy vlogs).
  • Candidmommy (Videos showcase cooking with little ones, organizing your home & cute baby footage).
  • turtleames (Newly preggo YouTuber after infertility that I have been following for years, love her!).
  • TheTurnersJourney (Another newly preggo YouTuber after infertility that does weekly videos).
There are others that I watch but these are my top favorites and have been for years.These are the women who have inspired me, motivated me, made me think deeper about things and provided me with insightful entertainment. YouTube is such a wonderful tool when used properly. I feel like I know these women and am grateful for all I have learned from them.

Who do you watch?


Monet on January 15, 2012 at 10:13 PM said...

I L o V E JPSeuss she's a super mom ! I get so excited when I see she uploads a video..I give it to her she takes care of all her boys, house, & husband...and she still manages to look fabulous...I wish I could be like that I'm still getting the hang of it LOL

Carlathebubblelush said...

Thanks for the shout out! 'Vast & Entertaining'? What a flattering description!

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