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Friday, January 6, 2012

From Maternity to MOMternity...

Posted by Unknown at 6:55 PM
Yes, unfortunately my title is referring to jeans. Somewhere in between getting pregnant and having a 7.5 month old daughter my once exciting fresh blue maternity jeans have become my depressing faded momternity jeans. Ahhh that good old stretchy flesh colored band. It used to cradle such a precious thing. Buying your first pair of maternity jeans was like being inducted into the official pregnancy club. Wearing them 7 months later...well that's like being inducted into the official 'you're a slouchy mom now' club.
Will I ever see a button waistband again or are my momternity jeans destined to become my eternity jeans? While you have got to love the stretch of an all surrounding piece of belly fabric, you know that the waistband jean is just so much cooler, younger, fresher and confidence boosting. Its time to bend over to pick up that fallen baby toy with pride not with fear of your way past pregnancy stretchy band showing. Its time to stop tugging your shirt ends down every five minutes in order to cover ALL that fabric attached to the non existent waistband.

Here is to kicking momternity jeans to the curb well at least till its time for them to be used for what they are rightfully intended for...maternity! I should not be considering TTC for #2 while still sporting these jeans from being pregnant with baby #1! Sin!!

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kailin turner said...

You can do it! So embarrasing but while I was TTCing I got some maternity jeans so I could tuck them away.. Well I got so fat before I even got pregnant that I was wearing them!! so sad. So I took a leave of absance from TTCing (while getting a divorce) and lost 48 pounds... Now im almost 20 weeks pregnant and they FALL off me.. I will never be able to wear them. and that feels AMAZING!! So let yourself feel that amazing feeling and get back into the button jeans! they are far less comfortable but when you feel the success of doing this for yourself that feels awesome!

Mrsmommytalk said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I don't know if you know but I have been following you on YouTube for years and your weight loss was amazing! You are truly inspiring!

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