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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Early Morning Workouts...

Posted by Lily Kay at 9:50 PM

I have done it. I have woken up at the god awful hour of 6:15 am to go for a half hour outdoor morning workout. Nikes on and out the door at a time when I am usually savoring my last precious half an hour in bed before I have to get up and get ready for work.
Though it has only been done twice so far I feel like just breaking that initial ice (very thick blizzard ice) of knowing you can actually do it makes it all the more easy to continue. I am starting out small. I workout for 30 minutes. I lightly jog or power walk around the neighborhood making a quick stop at the park where I can utilize outdoor resistance machines. So far so good. Lets hope I can keep this up in the name of finally being able to loose the weight!!!

Happy morning workouts!


Monica Enterline said...

Good for you...I have been trying to get healthier and exercise always seems to take second place (as do a lot of things once you have kids!). Found your blog on KK...I'm in the Bay Area. :)

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