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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby clothing : To Save or Not To Save

Posted by Lily Kay at 3:46 PM
Baby Z has been growing faster than a weed these last few weeks. My one Tupperware container on the garage shelf of by gone sizes is now being joined by another massive sized plastic containers. These containers have been lovingly packed up with little Z's adorable outfits.
At just about 11 months she is now in 12 months and 18 months sized clothing, with the 18th month size fitting more reasonably. Ahhh, where has my tiny little newborn gone! I have thus far saved every clothing item she has ever owned not including items that were badly stained. I pack them away secretly hoping that one day in the future I am lucky enough to have another little girl who can use all these clothes.
Then I started thinking, does everyone else baby clothes hoard as I have been doing? Do you save your pieces in hopes being able to reuse it on a future child and how long do you go about saving all these tiny fabric treasures? Perhaps you save your favorite items and consign or donate all the extras? Let me know loves!


Laura Berger said...

Me! Total baby-clothes hoarder here! I put them away by size in Space Bags and then put the Space Bags in old diaper boxes ( I buy diapers on Amazon, so they're huge boxes). Anyway, I don't think I could ever give them away! They are too sentimental to me! I hope someday I'll have another little girl and the legacy will live on! said...

I have all of my baby's in plastic tubs. There are three tubs, and he isn't even one yet. I eventually am going to go through them and sort them in piles-consignment, keep for future baby, toss because so ridiculously stained, and never ever get rid of they will find it amongst my stuff when I'm dead because it is too sentimental.

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