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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Traveling With A Baby - Airplane Version

Posted by Lily Kay at 4:53 PM

Top Ten Tips for Traveling With a Baby - Airplane Version

     Don't skimp on packing baby clothes because with a baby you just never know what the day might bring. Try to bring a variety of warmer and cooler weathered clothing in case of unexpected weather changes. Its better to be prepared rather than running out looking for a baby store to quickly purchase a needed item.
     Do skimp on baby diapers if you are traveling for more than a few days. Bring just enough for the airplane ride and the first 1- 2 days at your destination and then pick up the rest of your diaper supply once you are settled in. This saves a lot of space when packing.
     If your baby is formula fed bring your formula with you as you may not be able to find your exact brand at your destination. It would not be a good idea to pick up a different brand/version on your travels as your child may have a reaction to the new formula.
     Bring a First Aid kit with you on your journey. You can pick up mini travel size ones that are catered towards little ones at places such as Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby.
     Purchase a few small sized toys and books that your little one will not get to see until you are on the plane. This will serve as a distraction while your umteen miles high in the sky. Be sure to only give them one item at a time in order to prolong the distraction.

     Snacks! Make sure to have packed some snacks for your little ones if they are old enough for this. I brought puffs, squeezable baby food packets and Mum Mums.
     Bring a wearable carrier. Some places it's just too hard to get a stroller out and about and it also can be a hassle to lug around as well.Some carriers such as the Baby Bjorn are easy to travel with and you can even wear them around the airport.
     Ask for a extra seat!! I have never paid for an extra seat for my little one but have always been provided one! Sometimes they can arrange this for you right before your flight and sometimes they arrange it for you once you have already taken off. Either way it never hurts to ask and more than likely, if there are free seats they will be happy to accommodate you.
     Airplane changing tables are a interesting thing. They leave barely any room for you to stand in the bathroom and they seem hard, cold and just plain unsightly. Keep an extra baby blanket with you on the plane that is solely to be used as a changing table cover if you will. It will help cushion it just a bit and is more hygienic. I also found that Baby Z was terrified of plane changing tables so I would always bring in something for her to play with as a distraction as I would change her.
     Last but not least try to remember that flying will probably be more stressful for you than for your little one. Just try to relax, go with the flow and remember that soon the flight will be over!


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