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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Documenting Weight Loss...

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Earlier in the year I let you guys know that I needed to loose weight for various reasons. For starters I have PCOS, secondly I will be TTC for #2 later on in the year and third because its just what needs to be done. Its a battle though. I decided to start documenting the process with quick vlogs. Not only will this give me something to look back on but it pressures me ( in a good way ) to stay on track and make substantial progress since I will be uploading them for anyone to view. I wont be posting them on this blog regurlary unless that is something that is requested so if you wish to follow along with me you can check them out on my YouTube channel here.
If you are venturing onto a weight loss journey be sure to share your story! Let me know if you are blogging or vlogging about it! We can all help each other.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OOTD Baby Style: Dresses with Pants...

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 Today was one of those days where I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Baby Z isn't the greatest of sleepers so some days when I have to get up to go to work I feel like I am getting up to go to war instead. In other random news, I thought I would do an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) baby style. Its getting harder to get Baby Z to hold still for pictures though!
Her smocked cotton long sleeve (with a bell sleeve) dress is from Old Navy. Its super sweet but their sizes run really small I have noticed. She is wearing a size 6-12 month here. Her super comfy ruffled ankle pants are from Carters. They really do have the best comfy play pants. Her socks are by Vitamin baby and are out of this world...I will tell you why in another post soon to come.

Hope you all had a very lovely Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Stains...

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I just love dressing up Baby Z in all her cute little outfits. Im actually a little bit addicted to baby clothing. So its a little depressing that some of her cute clothing items are getting stained sometimes after just one use. I plan on saving everything that she has in case we ever have a little girl again. I am big on reusing baby clothing and items but I would not want to save stained outfits. This staining problem has only been as of recent since she has started eating more and more solid foods. I discoverd that Dreft, which is the baby deteregent brand that I have been using does not work on stains of any sort. I recently picked up a Dreft baby stain prevention pen. Its like a Tide stain removing pen but for babies. It has not made any noticiable difference with removing/preventing stains. So in the quest for stain removal I picked up All Free Clear which is supposed to be safe on baby skin and stronger than Dreft. Nope, not really any luck their either. Am I just doomed to loose half her wardrobe to stains? I do utilize bibs but she still swipes her arms over her mouth quicker than I can clean her mouth off.
So, do I switch over to regular strength detergents or would those even work? Do I just suck it up and realize I wont be able to save everything she wears? Or I have to do laundry more often than my once a week to prevent stains from "soaking" in? Do you have a baby laundry detergent that works wonders for you? What is your baby laundry routine? Please share as I would love to know!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Be My Valentine Baby Photo Shoot: The Outfit

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I am super excited about the owl + valentine day themed outfit I got for Baby Z's Valentine photos. When I spotted it on Etsy I knew instantly I just had to have it. I can't reinforce enough just how much I adore Etsy. Its the cutest 2 piece hot pink set that features owls that say "Owl Be Yours" and "Whooo Do You Love". Its trimmed in a heart patterned ruffle fabric and the shoulder ties are the sweetest ruffly ribbons.
Get a load of that pink mesh of cuteness. The awesome thing is that when I stumbled upon this dress, it was just a dress. However, if you have ever used Etsy you know that most all sellers love working with you on unique ideas and give you total creative freedom. I asked the seller whose shop is HairBowsForPrincesses if she could make a matching ruffle pant and a hairpiece. Voila!
So yes this is the outfit and I can't wait to put it on Baby Z. All these lovely photos were taken by the seller to show me what the outfit looked like when she was finished making it. Etsy has some of the best customer service ever!

Pink Hearts & Owls,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mommy Fails...Baths & Boots

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So I had some interesting mommy fail moments in the last couple of days. I could blame it on lack of sleep or I could just own up to the fact that this mommy makes fails! (If that makes any sense at all).

Mommy Fail #1: Poor baby Z was getting her chubby little baby feet pushed, prodded and literally shoved unsuccessfully into an adorable pair of purple furry boots I scored off of Zulily. I incessantly kept at it only to throw up my hands in despair and swear off these boots as a waste of time and money. I threw them on the ground and told her she would have to do with her little socks instead. The next morning I spied the despicable boots laying on the floor, whisked them up to throw to the back of her closet only to realize that the boots were stuffed with tissue. Poor baby Z, no wonder she had been whimpering at my attempts to make her feet stylish.

Mommy Fail #2: It was time for Baby Z's bath. I stuck her in the tub with her favorite pink sparkly light up rubber ducky that she is obsessed with from Bath & Body Works. I always keep a watchful eye and arm on her (literally) as the bath fills up to just below waist level. She loves to sit and watch the tub fill up. However, on this particular evening my stomach was rumbling, quite loudly. I called for my husband and told him to keep his eye and arm on her so I could grab a quick bite from the kitchen. I pointed to the spot in the tub that he shoudl turn the water off when it gets to that level. I satisfied my stomach, came back into the bathroom where his watchful eye and arm were still upon her. However, the water was right below her chin. Literally. Poor Baby Z could't look down without water going into her mouth or nose. She didn't seem to mind as she was licking the water like a little puppy. Leaving daddy to bathe Baby Z = mommy fail.

Don'tworry guys, I assure you Baby Z is in good loving hands and im sure she will survive my mommy fail moments but I definitely need to keep track of these if for anything to have a good laugh one day in the future and to save any future children from my mommy brain.

Buy Buy Baby Shopping Haul...

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I went to Buy Buy Baby a week ago and thought I would share with you all the stuff I picked up. I love watching baby hauls, let me know if you like these types of videos and/or if you make these.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mommy Moments #1....

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So I decided I want to start documenting little things from each day that Baby Z does. It will be a fun way for me to remember and look back upon little things that otherwise might be forgotten. I am going to call them Mommy Moments. I would like to document a little something that she did each day or at least each time I get a chance to. Today I put her in this adorable sailor outfit I purchased off of Zulily when I was about 5 months preggo with her. I'll admit I bought it in a larger size as well in a different color.
Today was the first day that I propped her up on her hands and knees and she would stay in that position (a crawling position) for a good few minutes. She even attempted to rock back and forth slightly. It was a proud mommy moment since I have been waiting for her to show any sign of crawling since around 5 months. Yes little Baby Z is a lazy one.

Share your mommy moments with me!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pottery Barn for Kids mini haul...

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I picked up this Zebra Bath Wrap at Pottery Barn for kids last weekend. Its almost to cute to use. This is definitely a baby splurge so we will see if it is worth it. These cute animal themed towels don't come cheap. I justified my purchase by reminding myself that all the bath towels we currently own are getting that ratty look and are way to small for Baby Z. A few of my friends swear by these towels, stating they are the best out there. We will see. I really want the pink and purple owl one but don't know how to justify another one of these just yet.
I also picked up from Pottery Barn for Kids this cute little wooden colored caterpillar. This purchase is to aid me and Baby Z on our quest for wooden toys instead of plastic. You can flip the little wooden parts around to see different colors and its attached to some sort of strong yet flexible rope. So far its a hit. That makes this my all natural wooden toy hit number 2. Yay!
Here it is in action. It was on sale for $4.99 from $9.99.

This picture is from inside Pottery Barn for to love the opportunity for an impromptu photo session.!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wood & Ribbons...Teething Bliss

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Little Z has been teething for quite some time now. She started right around 4 months and at 7.5 months old she has her two little bottom teeth. However teething still persists as I am sure it will for quite some time, resulting in whining, drool, fingers in mouth and a tired mommy. She hates all plastic teethers. She loves cold wash cloths however I cant really whip these out on the go. She hates pacifiers and any and all other main stream teething items I have purchased. She loves sweatshirt strings. If she sees you wearing a sweatshirt with those all enticing sweatshirt string ties hanging down, she will do all she can to reach them and shove them in between her gums.
Then I found this little treasure on Etsy. Its wood and ribbons. Simple as that. Her and said wooden teether have become fast friends. It took them a few tries but now mommy has a tried and true baby calming item to whip out when on the go. It has wooden balls, a wooden ring, hanging ribbons and cloth covered balls.  It is made extremely well and comes in a variety of fabrics.
We even used it while waiting for a laptop to be fixed at Apple. I stumbled upon this all natural teether on an Etsy boutique KatandCompany. You can visit her shop here. Its such a cute boutique that also offers lots of different all natural wooden toy sets as an alternative to plastic toys. Everything looks so adorable. I spotted in her shop an all natural wooden kitchen play set that I absolutely cannot wait to buy for baby Z when she gets older.

Yay for a little less drool and a lot happier baby.

What teether works for your little one?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be My Valentine: Baby Photo Shoot Ideas Part 2

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                                                 Photo found here.
The Valentine's themed outfit that I ordered off of Etsy arrived yesterday. I'm in love with it! It came out better than I expected. Soon as I am able to take some pictures of it I will post them on here for you guys to see. In the meantime I have still be scouring different sources to come up with ideas for little photo session. I have so much fun planning out these little photo shoots. Here are some more pictures that I have found inspiring.

I love the look and concept of this photo. It could easily be adapted by a mom of 2 little ones or for two little friend, cousins, daddy and daughter etc... Don't know if this one will work for me but I wanted to share regardless because I found it to be so charming.

I'm a sucker for balloons. Make them red shiny heart balloons and i'm sold.

Massively puffy tutu....Valentines perfection for a little girl.

This concept would be cute for a little boy or girl. Put them in a cute neutral outfit and hand them bright colored sweets. Voila.


1st photo from here.
2nd photo from here.
3rd photo from here.
4th photo from here.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mommy Makeover Tip: Banish Mommy Circles

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Okay I know that it isn't just mommies who struggle with dark circles underneath their eyes but I thought it was funny to call them mommy circles. Please forgive my nerdy ways. In any case I absolutley had to share my love for Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. I am a hater of concealers. On my skin they always settle, crease and make me look old. But then I discovered this little magic concealing roller and Voila!

  • Doesn't crease, smudge or settle.
  • Covers up about 90% of my sleep deprived under eye skin.
  • Produces a nice cooling effect upon contact with skin.
  • A noticeable brightening effect.
  • Thin consistency, which I love.
Those are the effects I have noticed on my skin from using this roller for about 5 months now. It contains caffeine, lemon essence and natural pigments.

This mommy gives it 2 thumbs up. But we all are different so please do tell what under eye concealer works for you?

First photo from here. Second photo from here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Favorite YouTube Mommies...

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Over the past 3 years watching YouTube videos has become like watching my favorite reality TV programs. Actually, they are reality at their finest. And actually they have replaced my urge to watch sappy fake reality TV programs. I naturally gravitated towards beauty videos and videos made by mothers or those wanting to be mothers. I confess I am a loyal subscriber. If I have subscribed, I will be watching and "thumbs upping" every video that comes into my video feed. I love some of the people I have found on YouTube. They provide real life stories that are helpful, entertaining, insightful and sometimes just plain fun. Here are a list of my top favorites.

  • kyleandcourt ( Mommy of 2 cuties who does awesome Day In the Life Videos).
  • thebubblelush ( Mommy of 1 adorable little girl whose video range is vast & entertaining).
  • Jpsuess ( Super mom of 4 boys & 1 on the way. Cloth diapers & weekly pregnancy vlogs).
  • Candidmommy (Videos showcase cooking with little ones, organizing your home & cute baby footage).
  • turtleames (Newly preggo YouTuber after infertility that I have been following for years, love her!).
  • TheTurnersJourney (Another newly preggo YouTuber after infertility that does weekly videos).
There are others that I watch but these are my top favorites and have been for years.These are the women who have inspired me, motivated me, made me think deeper about things and provided me with insightful entertainment. YouTube is such a wonderful tool when used properly. I feel like I know these women and am grateful for all I have learned from them.

Who do you watch?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be My Valentine: Baby Photo Shoot Ideas...

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I've already got my thinking cap on in regards to Valentine's Day photo shoot ideas for my little one. I'll admit I also already ordered her overly ruffled and pink Valentines day outfit as well. Oh yeah, it is coming with a matching hair bow. It could be worse...I could have ordered multiple outfits in order to have numerous outfit changes for the Valentines Day photo shoot I am dreaming of. Hmmm, that's not a bad idea...I may have to look into it. Here for now are my inspirations....
I love the simplicity of this photo. Would be easy, budget friendly and fun. You could go all out with the onsie, perhaps add a tutu or some cute baby legs or you could do like the photo and keep it simple yet festive.

The two above photos are so sweet, literally. Its conjuring up candy striped images in my head. The possibilities here are endless and all equally adorable. Especially if you have more than one little cutie on hand.

Their is something so whimsical and calling about this photo. It makes me want to incorporate this letters/mailbox theme into a Valentine themed photo shoot for my little one.

Will you be taking any Valentines themed photos of your little one or having them professionally done? What images dance around in your head?

First photo from here.
Second photo from here.
Third & fourth photo from here.
Mailbox photo from here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

From Maternity to MOMternity...

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Yes, unfortunately my title is referring to jeans. Somewhere in between getting pregnant and having a 7.5 month old daughter my once exciting fresh blue maternity jeans have become my depressing faded momternity jeans. Ahhh that good old stretchy flesh colored band. It used to cradle such a precious thing. Buying your first pair of maternity jeans was like being inducted into the official pregnancy club. Wearing them 7 months later...well that's like being inducted into the official 'you're a slouchy mom now' club.
Will I ever see a button waistband again or are my momternity jeans destined to become my eternity jeans? While you have got to love the stretch of an all surrounding piece of belly fabric, you know that the waistband jean is just so much cooler, younger, fresher and confidence boosting. Its time to bend over to pick up that fallen baby toy with pride not with fear of your way past pregnancy stretchy band showing. Its time to stop tugging your shirt ends down every five minutes in order to cover ALL that fabric attached to the non existent waistband.

Here is to kicking momternity jeans to the curb well at least till its time for them to be used for what they are rightfully intended for...maternity! I should not be considering TTC for #2 while still sporting these jeans from being pregnant with baby #1! Sin!!

Photo 1 via.
Photo 2 via.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Crawling In Sight...

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At almost 7.5 months my little monster still isn't crawling. In fact she isn't scooting, sliding or anything else that I hear my friends gloating about when it comes to their 7 month olds. Baby Z seems to think she is a fish out of water. Once she rolls onto her stomach she sort of just kicks her feet about in the air and waves her chubby arms around. She hasn't a care in the world to move anywhere. It makes me wonder if I didn't do enough tummy time with her when she was little. Maybe she is held too much. Maybe she is just plain lazy. Or maybe I need to take my own advice and realize that all little ones seem to have their own time table.
I know that in due time she will be everywhere and in everything and then I will reminisce about days like these where I can just plop her on the floor without a care in the world. Perhaps I should enjoy her movement-less moments while I can before my days are spent chasing, searching and averting dangers.

When did your little one crawl?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 TTC Game Plan...

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With the new year comes new and exciting plans. TTC plans to be exact. TTC for baby #2 to be even more exact. Its so much fun to start thinking about trying to conceive my second little munchkin. Visions of BFP's, nursery decorating and name picking all dance around my head. But then I remember I have PCOS. Oh that's right...I also remember it took almost 3 years to conceive baby #1. Bummer.

So to up my chances and to aid in a future pregnancy being the healthiest it can be I have a simple game plan.

First, I must loose weight. This is very important to me as I know it effects my PCOS and general health. I need to loose a good 25 lbs before I can even begin to think about trying. I want to loose weight in a healthy manner meaning exercising and eating as many natural unprocessed foods as possible. Soda must be eliminated.

Second, I must start taking prenatal vitamins again. I have not once popped a vitamin since the birth of my daughter 7 months ago. Bad, I know.

Third, I must ensure that I have a positive outlook on life in general. Being positive will lead to not only a better life but a more stress free life. The more stress free you are the higher your chances of conceiving. 

Sounds simple but I know it will be hard. So lastly I must keep in mind that getting through difficult tasks brings great rewards.

More detail on my 2012 pre-TTC journey to follow throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Photo via Pinterest.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012...My Wish for You...

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Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you happiness and joy. May it bring to the anxious of heart smiles that never fade. May it bring safety and health to all families everywhere. May it calm your storms and strengthen your sails. May it grant you your greatest wish.

Not every day in 2012 will be a good day but may you cherish those that are good and learn from those that are bad.

Here is to a new year, lets make it the best we possibly can.

Photo via here.

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