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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whats In Our Pantry: Baby Snacks

Posted by Lily Kay at 10:06 PM

We try to only give Baby Z fresh fruits and veggies for snacks but of course this isn't always feasible. Its also not always practical. We have found some yummy snack items that she loves and that are not too bad for her little self either. She absolutely loves these Plum Organics fruit and veggie pouches. She loves their sweet flavors and I love the fact that I am getting some more fruits and veggies in her palate. I mean when else is she going to eat pumpkin or sweet potato mixed with corn? I know they are sometimes aimed at younger babies but honestly they are great for 1 year olds like Baby Z when we are on the go or she needs something pronto.

These Plum Organics for tots Fiddlesticks are also a super easy and nutritious snack to grab for Baby Z.  They are a semi-soft fruit and grain stick that fits easily into tiny hands and satisfy their snack cravings. We have tried out the banana flavor but I know they come in multiple other flavors as well.
Baby Mum-Mums are pretty plain but Baby Z has liked them for as long as I can remember. They are like a plain rice rusk and are excellent for babies with or without teeth. Baby Z has only liked them in the vegetable flavor.

Thats whats in our pantry as far as baby snacks go with a 1 year old. As it changes and as I find other products that we like I will update you all!


Mrsdbrazil09 said...

Hi! I believe I found you through Kellys Korner. Love the post. My daughter is 11 months old and we only feed her healthy! I love to find other moms who feel the same way. We love everything Plum Organics has LOL. I would totally/will totally be giving her pounches for as long as she will eat them! You go momma!!!

Mrsmommytalk said...

Thanks for the feedback! I also love Plum Organics!

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